Bob mizer physique pictorial

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s Los Angeles. Palm trees, movie stars. Guy gets off a bus. Twenty-one and still in his dress blues, bad sling over his shoulder, crew cut, and pearly whites. Doesn't have a clue as to where to go or what to do; just knows that here is where he's destined to be. One of thousands just like him. Except. 3) [BOB MIZER] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. FROMTHE COLLECTION: THIS IS A VERY RARE ORIGINAL ISSUE OF THE PHYSIQUE PICTORIAL FROM THE FALL OF VOLUME 4 NO. 3. FEATURES THE VERY EARLY PHOTOGRAPHY OF BOB MIZER. FIRST SCAN FEATURES A YOUNG. This cover is only the second to feature an original Bob Mizer on the cover. Up until December , George Quaintance was the only artist to grace the cover of Physique Pictorial. This shot of year-old Dale Curry is a great example of Mizer's portraiture. Furthermore, we love a man who can successfully sport a.

What was essentially a mere fandom project, with no financial benefits or motives beyond the desire to discuss and analyse photographer Bob Mizer and his work, has ultimately been leaned upon by the 'big guns' and therefore is to be closed. Unless the site undergoes some serious re-structuring, which. Posts about Bob Mizer Physique Pictorial Volume 11 Number 4 written by Dr Marcus Bunyan. Posts about Physique Pictorial written by Roy Salter.

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